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Welcome to our practice! We hope that you will make Total Foot Care and Wellness Clinic your go-to podiatry source. Under the leadership of Dr. Candice Kennedy (formerly Dr. Edwards), patients from Jacksonville, Florida are welcome for the treatment and care for many conditions such as ankle sprains, plantar warts, bunions, corns and calluses, diabetic foot problems, plantar fasciitis, varicose veins and more.

We have three office locations in Jacksonville, Florida to serve all of your podiatry needs- Baymeadows, Arlington and the Northside. We also service assisted and independent living communities where we will bring the office to you!

The Beginning…

Dr. Candice Kennedy (formerly Dr. Edwards) moved to Jacksonville, Florida to start her own podiatry practice. Dr. Kennedy felt that by having her own practice she could ensure that the standard of care was always upheld. Dr. Kennedy wanted to assure that her patients could receive podiatry care in the best environment possible. It was from this desire that Total Foot Care and Wellness Clinic, LLC was born. Our motto is simple: We strive to deliver the best care possible and to treat each and every one of our patients like family. We will ALWAYS go the extra mile to deliver exceptional care with a smile. Our goal is to always put YOU the patient first. We want each patient to feel like family and that they matter. Our staff will strive daily to always go above and beyond the standard of care that every patient deserves.




Diabetic Foot Care

Proper foot care when you have diabetes is crucial.  We provide services .. Learn More…

Ingrown Nails

Infected or swollen big toe nail? It is possible that you have an ingrown nail.   Learn More…

Wound Care

A wound is an open lesion or ulceration. Wounds can develop .. Learn More…

Heel Pain (Plantar Fasiciitis)

Are you having severe pain in your arches or on the bottom of your heel?  Learn More…

Athlete’s Foot/Toenail Fungus

Athlete’s foot and fungal nails are very different but are extremely..  Learn More…

Plantar Wart/Skin Blemishes

Do you have growths skin changes appearing on your lower leg or foot?   Learn More…

Custom Orthotics

Orthotics can help correct many different types of foot problems. Learn More…


A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the base of the big toe. Learn More…


Are your toes unnaturally bent or shaped in the form of a hammer? Learn More…

Common Foot Conditions

Learn about all of the issues we treat here at TFCWC. We provide..   Learn More…



Dr. Candice Kennedy, MS, DPM


Dr. Norshae Robinson, DPM, DABPM, FACPM

Associate Podiatrist

Dr. Jasmaine Shelford, DPM, MPH

Associate Podiatrist

Dr. Duc Nguyen, DPM, DABPM

Associate Podiatrist

Dr. Cynthia Correa-Cedeño, DPM

Associate Podiatrist

Providing Exceptional Care With a Smile.




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8613 Old Kings Rd. South STE 301

Jacksonville, FL 32217

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Monday – Friday 8AM – 5PM


1215 Dunn Ave (Suite #3)

Jacksonville, FL 32218

Monday, Tuesday & Friday  8AM – 5PM

2nd & 4th Weeks of the Month


6500 Fort Caroline Rd. Suite A

Jacksonville, FL 32277

Monday, Tuesday & Friday  9AM – 5PM

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