How to Keep Your Feet and Ankles in Check During The New Year

New Year New Foot Care Routine

Now that we are officially in 2020, many people are setting lifestyle and fitness goals for the new year and decade. Noting your intentions for the year and personal growth is great, but we want to make sure you’re considering all aspects of your new routine.

With an improvement in lifestyle and fitness, you are going to be moving around more and partaking in exercises your body probably hasn’t done in a while. With this in mind, you want to be taking precautions to take care of your feet.

See a Podiatrist

First things first, you want to make it a point to visit a Podiatrist at least once this year. If you have diabetes, an injury, or any other health concern you should be seeing a Podiatrist more frequently.

A Podiatrist will be able to help identify any pain or problems that are caused by your feet and ankle, as well as create a treatment plan for you. You can also see a Podiatrist to receive custom inserts/orthotics, or address any past injuries that you ignored.

Stretch More

If you’re embarking on a new fitness journey, you should be stretching before and after every single workout. Whether you’re weightlifting or going for a hike, you need to stretch. Stretching can also be added to your everyday routine.

Here are some examples of stretches that specifically benefit the feet and ankles.

Change Out Your Shoes

The typical athletic shoe is made to last about 350 to 500 miles. The factors that affect how often you should replace shoes are your weight, how often you’re using them, as well as the terrain they’re frequently exposed to.

Typically, if you are walking an average of four to six hours a week you should replace your shoes every six months. If you’re an avid walker and find yourself walking seven or more hours a week you should replace them every three months.

This is important because your shoes affect how you walk and the overall alignment of your body. Over-used shoes can cause a variety of issues ranging from pain in your joints to disrupting your natural walking pattern.

If you’re not sure if your shoes should be replaced you can consult a Podiatrist or head to a specialized shoe store.

Consult a Personal Trainer

Odds are that many people are using the start of the new year as a way to kickstart a new fitness routine. This is great because everybody can benefit from a healthy lifestyle, but the problem we often see is new gym-goers do not understand how to do exercises properly or stretch.

This is why we highly recommend if you’re new to working out or plan on starting a different type of exercise that you consult a personal trainer to help show you the correct way. Personal trainers have years of education in exercising and the overall function of your muscles and body.

Invest in Custom Inserts

Lastly, we have previously discussed the importance of custom inserts. There are a multitude of benefits that orthotics provide and it’s best to consult your Podiatrist to see if you could use them. They can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions, as well as help the foot and ankle function better, correct foot deformities, and reduce the risk of injuries.

Key Takeaways

Use the new year and new decade as a chance to get a head start on your health. If you have never seen a Podiatrist before feel free to browse our blog for more resources, as well as make an appointment to visit our office!