Spring Activities: Feet Beware

We’re finally in the middle of spring and experience some great weather around the country. With warm weather and the inability to be around other people, many are seeking outdoor activities. Well, before you head out for your next outdoor activity, you’ll want to read this blog post.

Wear Proper Shoes

Whether you’re partaking in water or land activities, you always want to be wearing proper shoes. When hiking, biking, camping, it’s important to find a pair of sturdy shoes that are acceptable for your activities. If you’re enjoying water activities like jet skiing, playing at the beach, or enjoying the lake, we highly recommend water shoes. You’d be surprised how many people get foot injuries in water activities.

Apply Sunscreen

This might sound odd, but you should apply sunscreen to your feet! Believe it or not, but the top fo your feet are prone to getting sunburnt when exposed to the sun. Repetitive sunburns can lead to sun cancers, which obviously leads to further complications. A quick coat of sunscreen takes less than 5 seconds to apply and can help prevent years of health problems.

Avoid Debris in Sand

If you’re on the beach, lakefront, or desert, all types of debris can be laying around in the sand. Glass bottles, sharp rocks, bugs, and coral can cause serious damage to your feet. Be sure to check the areas you and your family are in and when possible, wear shoes to keep those feet safe.


If you’re going to be surfing, hiking, biking, or anything else that is considered physical activity, you want to make sure you properly stretch. Cramps and sprains are not only painful but can potentially lead to future problems. Take 5 minutes to do some foot and ankle stretches before heading out for all-day fun.

Follow these quick tips and you’re bound to have a fun and safe time with your friends and family! If you’re experiencing foot pain or need to seek help, please feel free to reach out and we will be in contact.