What to Know About Your First Podiatrist Visit

Going to any doctor for the first time can be nerve-racking no matter your reason for scheduling. At Total Foot Care and Wellness Clinic, we want you to know there is nothing to be worried about when coming in for your first Podiatrist appointment.

In this blog post, we will be sharing what to do before your first visit, as well as what you can expect. Keep reading to find out!

Before the Appointment

Before your first Podiatrist visit, you want to make sure you have some paperwork in order. If you are required to bring any forms, make sure they are printed out and signed before coming in. If you have any questions, you can call your doctor’s office or make a note of your questions and ask the front desk staff.

If you are currently prescribed to anything related to your reason for visiting, either bring in the medication or write down the name, dosage, and how long you’ve been taking it. Having as much information about your related medication will make things run smoothly.

Keep a list of any symptoms, pain, or questions so you can get the most out of your appointment. This will also help your Podiatrist come to a diagnosis if you’ve been experiencing pain or discomfort.

If you have trouble speaking English or require an interpreter, be sure all of that is coordinated before arriving for your appointment. Again, this is to help you get the best treatment possible. You are also welcome to bring a trusted friend or family member to help keep you calm in case you are nervous. Keep in mind they might not be welcome in certain areas like the X-ray room, but that is for their own safety.

What to Expect At the Appointment

Once you arrive at your appointment you will most likely need to sign a few more pieces of paperwork and give the staff at the front desk your insurance information. Sometimes this is done after the appointment but give yourself time to arrive and take care of any additional paperwork.

If necessary there might be some initial work done like taking your vitals or going over your medical history and concerns. This will help the Doctor be fully informed in order to best treat you.

The doctor might perform a comprehensive exam that can possibly require X-rays or something as simple as inspecting your feet and ankles. Again, you are welcome to bring a trusted friend or family member to help ease your nerves.

If you are coming in for a small procedure like ingrown toenail removal the doctor will make sure you are aware of this procedure as well as give you all the necessary information to keep you informed.

After the Appointment

Once your appointment is finished your Podiatrist might send you home with some medication or a treatment plan to help with whatever condition or pain you came in with. Be sure to ask all your questions while you’re at the office so you fully understand the next steps.

You might be required to come back in for a follow-up, and often this appointment is scheduled at the front desk prior to leaving. If you are unsure of your next steps, don’t be afraid to ask your Podiatrist.

Overall, your first Podiatrist visit is nothing to be worried about. Podiatrists go through years of medical training and schooling to make them experts on all things foot and ankle related. If you have any questions about your first Podiatrist visit, be sure to call the office and ask!